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Professional Negligence Claims

Our lawyers have extensive experience in issuing professional negligence claims against financial advisors, stockbrokers, options traders, solicitors, accountants and other advisors. If you have hired a professional advisor to assist you, and the advice you receive is below the standard expected by the law, you may be able to seek compensation.

We put a lot of our trust and confidence into accredited service providers to navigate various complexities on our behalf – and it can have devastating consequences when they make bad choices, provide bad advice or act unprofessionally in any other way. It is reasonable to expect to receive professional, sound advice when enlisting the service of professionals.

When a service provided by certain professionals (eg accountants, lawyers, brokers, tax advisors) is negligent you may be able to bring a claim against them.

Here at Gordon Legal, we have experts in this area of the law that are passionate about helping you achieve compensation and a sense of justice.

Once you have contacted us, we will organise for you to speak with an experienced lawyer who will go the distance with you and your claim.

Time Restrictions

It’s important to note that there are time limitations that apply when considering a claim for compensation for professional negligence – get in touch with us today on 1800 21 22 23 to make sure your claim is within time. If you miss the time limit that applies to your claim, you may not be able to bring your claim before the Courts.

We provide friendly and plain-speaking legal advice to help you understand the legal process, every step of the way.

We understand that when you have been let down or misled by a professional, there are emotional and mental consequences as well as financial ones. We also understand that undertaking a claim for compensation after going through the ordeal of receiving bad professional advice can feel daunting. We always strive to provide our expertise and services with compassion and care, and a commitment to helping real people.

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Professional Negligence Claims

Our experienced, friendly lawyers can assist you with:

  • Incorrect financial advice (tax-related advice, poorly conducted audits, poor financial analysis)
  • Negligent legal advice from lawyers (not acting in your best interest or against your instructions, badly drawn contracts, failure to make critical decisions
  • Unsatisfactory service from a financial advisor or accountant who causes you to lose money.

In Australia professionals are required to carry out their services with reasonable care, skill and competence. If they fall short of this standard, and you suffer harm or loss as a result, you may have a legal right to bring a claim for professional negligence.

Broadly speaking, a “professional” is someone whose occupation involves prolonged training and formal qualification. Professionals can include:

  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • Builders and Tradespeople
  • Engineers
  • Financial advisors
  • Lawyers and legal practitioners
  • Medical and health practitioners
  • Real estate agents
  • Surveyors

Before perusing a claim of professional negligence you should seek independent legal advice. Negligence cases can be complex and your ability to bring a successful claim will depend on several factors including whether the professional owed you a duty of care, the nature of the negligent act, how long ago the act occurred and if you contributed to the harm or loss suffered.

Merely being dissatisfied with the service provided or outcome reached by a professional does not necessarily mean they have acted negligently. In order to prove negligence a professional must have failed in their duty to provide their expert services with reasonable care and skill. You may be able to peruse a claim if your professional:

  • Provides poor or incorrect advice;
  • Fails to act in accordance with your proper and lawful instructions;
  • Discloses or mishandles confidential information;
  • Acts dishonestly or fraudulently; or
  • Misses important deadlines.

The time for bringing a claim for professional negligence can vary depending on the loss or damage suffered and the applicable legislation in your state or territory. In Victoria, a claim for professional negligence must usually be commenced within 6 years of the date you suffered loss and damage occurring as a result of any breach of duty of care owed to you.

If the negligent act results in personal injury, the action must be commenced within 3 years.

In certain circumstances, deadlines can be extended. We recommend seeking professional legal advice if you are unsure about how much time you have to lodge your claim.

If a lawyer drops your case, it means they are ceasing to act for you and they are no longer your legal representatives.

It is important to note that a lawyer choosing to drop your case does not necessarily amount to professional negligence, so long as the decision to do so is in line with legal professional conduct rules.

There are certain circumstances in which a lawyer may lawfully cease acting for you. This might include:

  • If a conflict of interest arises which means the lawyer can no longer act in your best interests;
  • If you fail to provide instructions when required or in a timely manner;
  • If you fail to pay legal costs in accordance with your costs agreement;
  • If you ask your lawyer to act in a way that would be unethical or illegal;
  • If you reveal to your lawyer that you have lied to the court or procured another person to lie to the court or falsified documents in some material way while your matter was still in progress.

If you believe your lawyer has not handled your legal matter with due care and skill you should get independent legal advice to help understand your options.

For an obligation free discussion, call Gordon Legal on 1800 21 22 23 to speak with a caring and committed member of our team.

The above information is related to claims in Victoria. For claims outside the state, please contact our office for specific information as potential claims and time frames vary from state to state.

For us every case is personal

Our Professional Negligence lawyers have decades of experience in handling difficult cases and understand the unique ins and outs of Professional Negligence claims.

We understand that Professional Negligence can be deeply traumatic and stressful events, which is why we strive to ease your burden by making the legal process as simple as possible for you.


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