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Magnis Class Action Investigation

Gordon Legal has been instructed by shareholders to investigate a potential claim against Magnis Technologies Limited (Magnis), its directors and/or its auditors regarding the loss and damage they have suffered as a result of the reduction in value of the company.

Magnis claims to be a vertically integrated lithium-ion battery technology and materials company in the Lithium-ion battery supply chain. In recent months Magnis has made a number of announcements to the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), most recently on 22 January 2024. On 6 December 2023 the ASX suspended Magnis from trading following the share price of Magnis falling to circa $0.04.

Magnis Class Action

Frequently Asked Questions

A class action, also known as a group proceeding, is a court procedure brought by one or more individuals known as representative applicants on their own behalf and on behalf of other people who have similar claims against the same party or parties (the respondent(s). The individuals in the wider group are known as group or class members.

Class Actions are brought to resolve common issues of fact or law for the wider group. It is not necessary that group members have identical claims. In fact, it is to be expected that there will be differences between the loss and damage suffered by each individual group member.

If you are or were a Magnis shareholder in the last six (6) years, you are eligible to register.

You can register using the form below and answering the questions as best you can.

Registration is free and without obligation.

Any information you provide to us will remain confidential and not be provided to anyone external to us without your prior consent.

Magnis Class Action Investigation

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