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Holden Colorado Class Action Investigation

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Gordon Legal is investigating a potential legal action against Holden (General Motors). The investigation concerns an alleged defect of the torque converter in certain models of vehicle.

If you own (or have owned) a Holden Colorado or Trailblazer, and have experienced issues with the transmission such as a ‘torque converter shudder’, please register your interest below.

By registering, you will be provided with periodic updates as to the progress of our investigation.

Frequently asked questions

Holden Colorado Class Action Investigation

We are investigating an alleged major defect presenting in various models of Holden vehicles. The defect manifests by what is known as a ‘torque converter shudder’, most noticeable when the vehicle changes gears.

If, after investigating, we determine that there are sufficient grounds to proceed with a lawsuit, we will file a class action against Holden (General Motors) with the intent to claim compensation for loss and damage suffered as a result of the alleged defect.

A class action, also known as a group proceeding, is a court procedure brought by one or more individuals known as representative applicants on their own behalf and on behalf of other people who have similar claims against the same party or parties (the respondent(s)). The individuals in the wider group are known as group members.

Class Actions are brought to resolve common issues of fact or law for the wider group. It is not necessary that group members have identical claims. In fact, it is to be expected that there will differences between the loss and damage suffered by each individual group member.

At this stage we are requesting anyone who owns or has owned a Holden Colorado or Trailblazer in the last six years to register their interest with us.

You can register using the form on the page.

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