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Employers are set to be reminded of their duty of care to provide safe and healthy workplaces, with a new nation-wide government campaign being launched by SafeWork Australia titled “More Inspectors, More Inspections.”

WorkSafe Victoria are sending a message to all employers to remind them of the seriousness of their responsibilities, with 40 new safety inspectors being hired to investigate the safety of workplaces around the country.

Workplace accidents can change lives forever, and tragically, they can sometimes be fatal. SafeWork Australia states that as of the 1st of August there have been 83 fatalities in Australian workplaces in 2019.

Minister for Workplace Safety Jill Hennessy is warning that employers who violate these laws “will be caught and prosecuted.”

Harsher penalties will also be introduced, with new 20-year jail sentences and larger fines of up to $16 million being introduced for any employer negligently causing fatalities in the workplace.

New legislation is also currently being drafted that will make workplace manslaughter a criminal offence.

All employers have a responsibility to ensure that workplaces are safe and employees have a healthy work environment.

If you have been injured in the workplace, you may be entitled to claim for compensation for your pain and suffering, loss of income and more.

Our expert workers’ compensation lawyers are always ready to help you with this process at every step of the way. If you’re having difficulty understanding your WorkCover claim form, need someone to help represent you against your employer’s insurer, or even if you just need someone to help you understand how the system works – we’ve got your back.

We speak to a lot of people who feel unsure if their injury or incident would be considered something that falls under the WorkCover scheme. Remember that any task or activity that is required as part of your employment is covered. If you have any doubts about the validity of your claim, or anything else relating to workers compensation, we recommend that you get in touch and have a chat to us. It is always advisable to investigate sooner, especially as time limits do apply to these kinds of claims

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