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No win, no fee explained: Sarah’s story

In 2018, Sarah was injured while at work on a building site. Her manager accidentally failed to see her and reversed over her foot with an excavator. Sarah suffered serious fractures to her foot, and underwent surgery in hospital, with further specialist surgery needed.

Sarah rang Gordon Legal for advice on what she should do next.

Sarah was concerned about the mounting medical costs, and that if she did not make a full recovery, she would be out of pocket for such expenses for the rest of her life.

A lawyer from Gordon Legal organised a time to meet with Sarah and stepped her through her possible entitlements under the WorkCover scheme, including the urgent need to lodge a WorkCover claim within 30 days of the injury, and her entitlements to weekly payments for up to 130 weeks.

The lawyer also explained to Sarah that she had very good prospects of being entitled to a lump sum Impairment Benefit, because unfortunately the injury was likely to leave her with significant ongoing problem with her foot. The lawyer was also confident that she could assist Sarah in demonstrating that her serious injury was suffered as a result of her employer’s actions, therefore making out a Common Law Damages Claim and amounting to a significant sum in compensation for Sarah.

Gordon Legal offered to act for Sarah on a No Win, No Fee basis. The Common Law Damages Claim was an additional step which the lawyer encouraged Sarah to consider.  For more information about No Win, No Fee, please click on this link

Sarah was relieved that she now had someone who was steering her claim forward to success. She could now focus back on her health and getting back to work.

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No win no fee

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No win no fee

Help when you need it most without the added stress of upfront legal fees – engaging a no win, no fee lawyer. When you need legal help, understandably, the first thing people often think is ‘can I afford it?’ To address this, our Senior Partner, Peter Gordon and Partner, Paul Henderson pioneered the ‘no win, no fee’ system to create greater access to the legal system.

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